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Furry Nacho Libre Appreciation Thread


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I think Nacho Libre is a culturally significant movie and that more people should know about Jack Black and his struggles to raise money for his orphanage by taking up professional wrestling. I think Nacho Libre's struggle resonates with every furry who struggles to come up with a unique fursona, because at one point Nacho Libre himself struggles to woo the cynical callous wrestling federation with his costume.

Comment if you agree that Nacho Libre is important to the furry fandom.


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I expected nacho when I came here.

I take it I failed the test?


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Woof? Woof


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Also if you watch the movie you see how he learns to channel his inner eagle.
Nacho Libre is was and will be the greatest masterpiece of this fandom.


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I liked this movie. It does have an undertone of finding your persona and how you want to portray it.

Much like with every pro-wrestler today, it is all about developing your character and the way you use that character along with the moves that match the characteristics of that character. Example: In WWE, Dwayne Johnson is The Rock... Same person but one is a character he plays.

When relating that to the fandom, you need to find your character and what your 'sona is all about. Everybody is a character and an individual and it is often difficult to find both. When it comes right down to it though, and you find your character as well as your individual, then you can achieve your dreams. ;)

Now I am hungry for Nachos :p



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This thread is a lie Kimber. A LIE! It gives me no furry powers! It gives me no nutrients. GET THAT THREAD OUT OF MY FACE! *Slaps thread*

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