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Furry Needing Friends In The UK!


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Hi, Thought i'd make this post for a friend as he's too shy to do this himself!
He's a Husky Furry! Very friendly! Just looking for friends in the UK or around Scotland as he's wanting to go to Scotiacon but has no one to go through :(
Plus he has no Furry friends in general but is wanting like minded Furs :D
If anyone would like to be friends with him please comment here!
He's highly into Photography and would love to take pics at Scotiacon!

Thank you :)

P.S he has Discord!
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Just a fox.
Hello there and welcome to the forums!
We're pretty friendly so no need to be shy. I'm not from the UK but there are a lot of UK furs around here. I hope you come hang out with us in the Games section and have some fun and make some great friends! I look forward to seeing you around the forums.

Welcome again!


I'll boop you with my mighty bappy boopers
I’m a uk fur :3
I’m always up for saying hi ya to a new bud