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Furry Paraphanalia that You Own?

Traven V

3 tails I've made, some feet paws, a couple pairs of paws, a headband/Furry ears, a finished fursuit mask that looks horrible and one that is unfinished. A couple of collars and bone shaped ID with info on it for a collar, several plushies. I think that's about it.


#1 fan of animatronic bunnies
A pair of rabbit ears. That's about it. :p I've worn them to school a couple times and the worst reactions I got were a few odd looks, which honestly surprised me. A lot of people said they were adorable!

If Sonic and Pokemon merch count...I've got waaayyy too much of that stuff. e-e


Artistic Mouse

Yeah Yeah, I'm a man child lol


Airship Gunner
1 (almost) full set from pawstars (cat ears, tail, wrist cuffs, and leg warmers in blue), hoping to grab the gloves this year to finish it out :)
1 set fox ears in red and black, also pawstars