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Furry Personality Mk. 2


So, not too long ago the Furry Personality thread had us post our Myers-Briggs personality type. Just recently I discovered another personality test that I believe goes even more in-depth and has been getting an increased amount of attention.

With that, I invite you to join the Enneagram Cult.


Just kidding, it's not evil.
How it works:
How The System Works — The Enneagram Institute
Type descriptions:
Type Descriptions — The Enneagram Institute
www.integrative9.com: 27 Subtypes, Instincts of Claudio Naranjo

I myself am a Type 4, Wing 3, Social Subtype. It's not a very flattering personality type though it is capable of good just like any personality.

What is yours?


Not a free version? Looks like $12 a pop.
There are free versions. You just have to dig around a bit to find them.
They aren't as accurate but the main point of the Enneagram is that ultimately, you choose the personality type that represents you the best.

For me, I didn't even have to take the test to know I was a Type 4. That's just how strongly the type description resonated with me.
It's a very complex and nuanced system but the test itself isn't everything.