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Furry personals lots of laughs!

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18 year old Male White cat with Cybernetic legs and right arm, white eyes and spunky temper, seeks muscle bound jock for boyfriend, must be gentle and not have any qualms about peepee pokes.:p


Dance the Mussolini
18 year old white wolf seeking mate. Preferably canid and like odd things and plushies. Also willing to go on long hunts for food. Frequent cuddles.


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17 year old female long-tailed weasel looking for geeky male ferret who enjoys science, literature, gaming, and D&D. Must be able to handle a dominant girl, reproduction not going to happen.


Next subj... I mean, customer!
17 year old bisexual folf male looking for cute wolf and/or fox. Hobies include gaming, long walks in the forest, fishing, and swimming...oh, must bring cookies...lots of cookies...preferably chocolate chip.

...and milk.^^


Totally Gay For Bridget!!
this is gonna suck but i'll try..

15 year old Renamon Shinigami death god looking for a girl who's got charm and loves to travel the world and kill bad people(warning, if pissed off, death is imminiate for you)
18 year old Ferret searching for 18+ canid/feline female (perferably plump =3) partner for relationship. I promise I won't kill you. I'm too skinny for BBQ.

Second add

18 year old seeks partners in crime for bank roberies and illegal music download scams. Murder for hire is optional. No experience needed. No tards, must be able to drive a van and must be puntual.

Thrid add

Ferret seeks tard for cruel testing proceedures. All applicans will be accepted as tard, pay is optional.


Portal, Supreme Commander, FPS, nVidia, Gordon Freeman, Johnny 5, TF2: If you recognize 3 or more of the previous words and are an attractive female, then give me a call! PLEASE!


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Male dragon seeks evil dragoness to assist in the rule over land and it's peasant population.
Breeding opportunities possible on audition. Must be a people person.


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17-year-old artsy blue wolf seeking male mate who can put up with a lack of affection. :]



Oh, **** you.
A lot of these personals are actually what I'd expect to see on the average furry personals site. :D

For the laughs? Suuuurrrrreeee.
18 year old Racoolf (Wolf/Rabbit/Raccoon) seeking athletic, intellecual, and out-going fur.

I'm and Bisexual. I have no preference to either gender. I'm rather athletic, I've been playing soccer since I was around 5 years old. I love to work with computers. I'm a bit of a nerd. I play video-games and I'm interested in making them as well. But I'malos into the Forensic Science feild.

I have an athletic build. Average height of 5 feet and 5 and one half inches. My eyes are an emerald green.
376 year old Zombeic Raptor, seeking a free Xbox 360 Elite with a copy of Halo 3. If attractive female fur, (Male foxes acceptable, but must be submissive.) Come included, will pay shipping and handling. Please Call quickly!


((XD I don't want to post my real ad. o_O I might get PM'd))


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17 year old female weasel looking for lithe male to pose for sculptures. Must like terracotta, D&D, video games and making jokes about stupid things. Spiderman fan a definite plus.

Second Ad:

17 year old female weasel looking for friends to play with- must like roleplaying, FPSs, stupid conversations and water balloon fights.


Built for Sin!
Midnight Panics said:
A lot of these personals are actually what I'd expect to see on the average furry personals site. :D

For the laughs? Suuuurrrrreeee.

That's the funny part. :]


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Bi Female Ying Lung (Wingled Eastern Dragon) seeking friend possibly more. Sign: Sagitarrius, enjoys long flights through the clouds, coiling into a knot, and playing with string. People that are interested need to like long stories, naps, pillow fights, building forts, and playing.


young busty bunny seeks horse hyper male for tent pitching and more...

Several huge breasted females, any species ( i dont disriminate!) needed for amourous human male, please reply to +insert own address here+

Male hyper fur, requires several sewing maidens to stitch 4 football pitch sized plastic sheeting for afterhour activities without conseqences!


Sup nerds
21 year old male cat, likes long walks on the beach and looking up at the stars at night. Loves the taste of seafood and is a great chef.

Looking for male/female who shares interests and doesn't mind that his basement is a highly unstable chemistry lab...


Colossul Saren, God of Death and War, bringer of Pain and suffering, giver of Despair, seeks young bitch for good times, GSOH and cinema lover essential.


*Throws don't salt circle and open fires with M4* DAMN NECRO!
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