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Not really common knowledge but there are actually places you can get furry sex dolls, plushy ones to be exact. But actual silicone ones you can't really get anywhere. And since no one else is gonna do it I've taken the initiative. I've already started working on a prototype for Nicole the lynx which will be followed by Fidget, Weavile and eventually Renamon to cover a bunch of the furry bases. (sonic, pokemon, digimon etc.)

The first prototype design I'm doing on hand with clay but later on I'll be moving onto 3D printing with the help of a few 3D modelers who've already jumped on board (I'm still in talks with some).

If you are interested in this project I've created a discord server dedicated to it where you can get more information on the project and keep track of progress (which is rather slow).

Join the Furry Sex Doll Project 18+ Discord Server!


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Well there are already 3D Printers, which can spit out whole mini houses, so a man sized doll shouldn't be an impossible task. I'm curious how it will turn out.


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