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Furry Survey 2009!

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my worry is how easy is it to access? i mean can some one only submit if they accessed it through this site? my worry is a troll forum finding this and going apeshit with every negative answer they can give (namely the zooaphile/plushophile stuff)

Don't be so jumpy. Kilsoura is known on a variety of furry sites.

Oh.. and your persecution complex is showing.


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I voted. *holds out paw for stamp*




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Grim, people still believe that your either born with a sexuality or you choose it...



I just found it interesting because people tend to talk about the gay-dominated fandom, although it would appear that's not the case (or else gays just hate taking surveys more than straight people)
done, second time I have taken this (took the one last year), Idk how accurate it can be though, even in an anonymous survey people lie to stay with culture expectations, and it asks stuff that's definitively taboo to regular furry culture.


Bull ****?
I voted. Even though a survey is in essence fallable, its still used as a documented form of scientific information gathering. I think its as close to reliable as it will get.


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*Not a fur, but took it anyway since I probably qualify as one on some level*
Meh, took it too a while back. We're the "Control" group for this poll I'd imagine.


What is this internet?
I took it. :)
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