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Furry Tattoo


Im still Khimy form the block.
Quite interesting but yeah, some fursonas had a tattoo in some parts of the body, does your fursona has a tattoo, whats the tattoo about and where?

Also would you have a tattoo of your fursona?


No, but the stripes on my back follow an inverted chevron pattern; some stripped furries may have their stripes follow certain patterns, like tribal knotwork for example, which I see often in other Tiger characters.

Obviously, some characters may want to have designed permanently dyed into their furs to mimic the tattoos they wopuld wear in real life, which is a good idea since tattoo inked into the skin and covered over with fur would be impractical.

My early fursona, Jonathan (a male anthro shark) wore a crossed dagger and lightning bolt on his left shoulder blade and a skull with a green beret and a dagger with the words "Special Forces" on his left shoulder.

Sparks Meow

she has a paw print on her right sholder blade, i to plan on getting a paw print tattoo on my right sholder blade...


back'n up back'n up
Having a tattoo of my fursona doesn't seem like a bad idea I never thought of it thanks.:)


Eatin Steak
I have 3 stripes her arm and leg, however they might not be considered tattoos but as to their well planned nature I guess they are considered as tats as they are unique and not of her actually hybrid species.


Proud Future Soldier
First part of the question was if my fursona has any tatoos, which he does. He has tribal tatoo's all over his body. The picture only shows his upper body though.
Second part. Hell yes. I would definitly get a tatoo of my fursona, cept if you are joining the green berets, you can't have any tatoos, so there goes that idea.


the cowboy wolf/roo
i was thinking about geting a tribal tattoo on my fursona but i want some body to draw it out first so i know what it would look like


rabbit in a hat
Tattoo under her right ear of a cross.


Dungeon Mistress
I have a werewolf character that has a large tribal tattoo that covers the majority of her back and a bit of her sides. And it shows regardless of the form she takes. And a dragon character which has the same tattoo I have in RL on her ankle (except mine is a blue moon with black katakana (I think that was the right term) and hers is a silver moon with gold katakana).

I personally don't have any furry tattoos though. I might get some of my totem spirits/familiars some day, but those don't count as furry really.


i dont have any tattoo's as of yet (underage)
but i have been planning on getting sleeves for a long while now
so when i start getting them done, my fursona will be getting them done too ;3
and i may try and squeeze her into my "creature" sleeve haha
she is pretty cool after all ^_^