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Furry things you do when bored


If that true then my soul is poorly drawn @_@ I just need some help i guess.


Yeah i know. But all i has is a pencil. I've noticed that I have been getting better and better, but I want to hit a certain point before i post. If ya know what i mean :p


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throw a furry blanket on the bed and roll around on it. or go to the zoo. or shop for plushies. can't go wrong with those



I usually go on secondlife and see how much free shit i can get because im cheap like that.

I also play my super nintendo because I'm an old school game addict.


Hi there. ^^
I usually either play games, listen to music, watch TV, or think of something to draw. Or if I like doing neither I just go to sleep. Yay for laziness!


umm. sleep, play videogames, sleep, eat, sleep, and go snowboarding :D
i have my nekoears ^^ to stick on my beany

oh and draw ^^


Where's the Oh, there it is!
sometimes drowning in my own furry fantasies...

sometimes browsing furry art...

sometimes visiting these forums...

sometimes thinking it's never too late to start drawing :D

all the rest is either sleeping or other random stuff.


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I picture unsuspecting humans as furries...
i do this too, i did it unwittingly the other day, and afterwards i was thinking 'weird' but it stopped my boredom XD

i also listen to music(am doing so now) whilst browsing forums(including this one of course), play games on consoles or make animations/signatures ^^


Super Saiyan 5 Kaioken x ???
Put on my fox tail and hug it =P


Where's the Oh, there it is!
Scratch behind my ears with the whole hand pretending it to be the paw of my cattish rear right leg.


back'n up back'n up
Go on FA, FAF, yiff, look at furry pics, and some other stuff I probably do without realizing them.


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Draw, write, read TF stories, ^_^ procrastinate on studying for finals. Good times, good times.


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Put on my collar, paw off to furpron, and read some TF stories. :3


Orgasmic muffins!
chat on msn, RP, txt, go searching through furaffinity deviantart and youtube, video games, going around and poking random people to see their reaction, pawing off, kicking a ball. THE ULTIMATE THING TO KEEP FROM BOREDOM IS... solitare, u know its true
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