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Furry things you do when bored

John Wolf

The Timber Wolf
I do Wolfing once or twice per day


New Member
Poop in the yard like a good boy.

Piss on the fence, so my neighbors know who's boss. But i do that anyway, even when i'm not bored.


Meh, lots of stuff:
browse FA
cuddling with my blanket ^^

oh, and I Macgyver stuff, like, I'm working right now on selecting a belt to make a collar. ^^ I want to make my own, kickass collar, cause I've always wanted one, but was always to stupid to buy one, or I was with my friends, and I'm a shy fur. :confused:


Yawn while sticking my tongue out like a dog does. It's a habit I've had since I was a kid.

Interesting enough, I have begun this habit too, don't know why, but I scared my mom with it, because when I do it, I clack my teeth together when I close my mouth, cause thats how my dog always did it. :-D


Uber Bunneh
if no ones on to talk to, ill look for some good yiffy and paw off, maby find some one to rp with.


B is for Bull****
Be pissed off at myself, because I'm a writer that hates writing, and because I can't seem to get into a mindset to draw.


Fundamentalist Heretic
Paw off?

I dunno, the "furry" things I do when I'm bored are about the same as the non-furry things I do: surf the Web, watch TV, play with my cats, dream about going back in time with advanced technology and using it to conquer the world & rule it with an iron fist.

With the exception of playing with my cats (which is furry by definition), every one of those activities can be done within the context of the furry fandom & outside of said context.


Mad Scientist
Make a furry room on Iscribble and then draw furries and crap all over the screen with other people. I do that when i'm bored anyway.


The Last of Us.


Bark! Bark!!
Play around in my fursuit and randomly dance. Practice spinning on my turntables in and out of suit (its always a fun to see what new transitions i can come up with. Talk with some other FAF members on the phone for 3+ hours and play with my dog.


Well, the only things I can think of that I would call 'furry' things would be drawing furries, RPing with furries and fapping to furries.


New Member
i got bored the other day, so i drew tails (from sonic) with tattoos, a mohawk, chain, and pretty much everything to make him seem opposite of his usual whiny self.


Longetivity is my middle name
As a writer/artist in the middle of writing & illustrating a massive novel, I do what every writer does when bored and with free time: I stare at the computer screen and graphics tablet playing solitaire instead of getting anything done.


The Grain of Salt
Other than the typical: browsing FA, wasting time here, and drawing some furry art or looking at it; not much really. I think about when I can go to another furcon at some point. My Halloween costumes that I make myself tend to be furry in nature, but that was even before knowing what a furry was.


New Member
Read furry web comics, look at furry porn (Wow I'm so unique!), bother my friends on skype with useless arguments sometimes and sometimes not related to furries.


Post Festive Fox
I start fights on local badgers, and wait for people to fall asleep and scream outside their bedroom windows..

or I sit here recording lil demos, watching sitcom re-runs and drinking so much tea it could be a health concern.

Whatever makes me sound more interesting!