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Furry things you do when bored


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Furry things you do when bored: Zabrina

Oh my god there was such a perfect opportunity for me to say something like this the entire time I've been looking uninterestedly at the thread's title for the duration its been here and I realise it now. GJ sir.

I hate when that happens though.

Yesterday I had the idea of going back to when I was like 8 years old and putting in my school letter to santa that all I want for christmas is a copy of the names and addresses of all the naughty girls and boys and giving it to the teacher.


Oh so you two can yiff each other but I can't snuggle Gibbs?
... Deep breaths.
I forgive you Zabrina.
But Seeker.... Never speak to me again. >:[

No, boys. Do not let me spoil your friendship. It is my fault. I will fly away, you two kiss and make up.

​Flap, flap, flap.


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Or sometimes go driving in my furmobile with the fox tail glued to the back that flaps in the breeze.



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