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Furry Virtual World, like Second Life, and Free

I am the owner of Furry Site FurrTrax.com ( http://furrtrax.com )

I have setup a large OpenSim environment, stocked with hundreds of furry items, a bunch of avatars, and several initial build inhabitable areas such as:
A large Park with garden, and pond.
A shopping mall
A Castle and Courtyards
And a few others.

I have my own server space at a datacenter, and all of this is running on a cluster with 32 CPUs, and 192 GB of RAM.

The plan is for this world to be open to everyone, free of charge, we will even offer space free of charge, and also allow others to host
their own areas on their own servers, and link it up with ours if they so desire.

This is essentially nearly identical to second life except, its free. We will NOT be turning it into a pay system, it will be donation driven.

The system is up, working and waiting for some additional expansion before we open it wide open to all, we need some content creators, monitoring staff, and generally any who feel they can help are welcome to help in some fasion.

OpenSim is a full 3D environment, just like SecondLife, and most objects made in secondlife can be imported to opensim easily.

Contact DarkXander, yep thats me, on FurrTrax, or kik if you want to assist or have questions....

We are also open to any partnership, and collaboration ideas groups, websites, etc might have. including giving you your own space to setup a presence for your site or group, on world.

FurrTrax - Furry Virtual World is up!!


"nEw UsEr"
furrverse.furrtrax.com doesn't load. Another person in the comment section seems to be having the same issue.

And it wouldn't hurt to display some screenshots of the game. I'm not downloading something that I'm not even sure exists in the first place.
OpenSim is well documented and does exist, but also, as the page notes, that URL is to enter in the viewer, not a web browser, the world runs in several of the Second Life browsers, perhaps you mis-understood it. Firestorm which is used to access secondlife, has a version for opensim, and thats what you need. from there, you would then connect to furrverse, this is not a cheap browser java app.

The viewer can be downloaded here, it is freeware and the engine itself is open source.
Windows « Firestorm Viewer – The Phoenix Firestorm Project Inc.

Then if you dont have an account make one, and set your location to furrverse.

Some viewers take a location URL, which is what the furrverse url is for, its not for use in a internet browser but inside a opensim viewer.


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Interesting. Will have to check it out in a bit. I've done SL for years now and it's showing it's age too much.
Yea every time i paste the links to the images, the post refuses to post, it just endlessly spins trying to save, same if i try to edit them into the top post, endless lunacy spinning.