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Furry YouTuber suggestions


Guess I’ll be Tracer
I was wondering if anyone had any furry YouTuber suggestions for me to watch


The Cat in the FAF
I like Kuroi Moyamoya's channel
Her videos are really stylish and in the midst of her weird scifi furry universe she details her game development process.


Rara for short :)
Quartz Husky does really funny videos sometimes, and other times informative or thought provoking ones.

Khotorix is my favorite at the moment. He doesn't shy away from controversial topics and offers an in depth and mature analysis of them. Most of his videos aren't furry related though.

There's Aberguine with his "Furries in the Media" series, where he reviews how furries are portrayed in the media.

Not every fun videos are on her channel since she's being filmed at conventions, but Telephone is a really funny and adorable character. I often search up "Telephone furry" in youtubes search bar. Her channel is ino89777


Sketchy Blue funk :P
Another shout out for Artemis Wishfoot here, love the salty blue doggo and his fleshy friend <3
Not seen anyone else quite like him , but I also enjoy Pocari Roo, Nos Hyena, Odin wolf, Majira Strawberry, Storm Folf and Quartz Husky (in set no order there lol)


Mr. Villanous charm
Hmm.. If you don't mind a bit of vulgar language I'd recommend 2 Gryphon's channel. His rants are amazeballs. :D


Will fly you around for hugs and pats