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Furs by College/University 2

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Hendly Devin

No this cant be true!
I am hendly Devin...

I went to the College for Creative Studies in Detroit Michigan.

i don't want stalkers... but ill post this info anyway to name drop how i went to the most expensive art school in the midwest cause art fags are sooooooo much cooler than pre-med students.


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I'm at the University of California, Santa Barbara. California. USA.

Psychology and Art double major. I have another furry friend there as well, so there's at least two of us. Find me!


Heading off on Tuesday to University of the Pacific, California.


Doesn't look like this one's been updated for a few months, either, but I'll be starting at the University of Minnesota, Twin Cities campus this fall.

Hard to believe I'm the only one after seeing how many people posted that they were in the Twin Cities on the furs by location thread.


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We might need a new OP for this type of thread, I can do it, but I guess if everyone agrees to it.

Edit: Fuck it, i'm just going to make a new one since the owner hasn't been on in two months and this thing hasn't been updated in five.
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SUNY College at Oneonta in Oneonta, NY

This thread hasn't been updated in a wwhile, you should check out "furs by college/univversity 3" lowwer on The Den's first page of threads. That one was created recently and is up-to-date.


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I am out at Penn State University. Over in the main campus. We got quite a number of furs out here. :O
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