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Furs By Species 2

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I'm all 'bout butts!
My name is Yena, and I am a Wolf/Hyena hybrid!


The butler did it.
umm.. I'm a Twizzle. Also KiraBlue is [The original]. May that be added?
We'd be under Mythical/Unique


The butler did it.
Put Kira on as [The original]? By the way, is Kira on the forums? It's the way someone can be on the list.
oh, he's not on the forums, I guess... but I maent he was the original twizzle.. mybad. I didn't make that clear.


Maybe I Could Be...
Just updating my species from what I had it listed before you took over, technically my fursona is a cheshire cat/hooded skunk hybrid

Dragon of Fate

The Submissive Gay Dragon

Sasahara neko mata

Y the hot guys always gay :(
Neko mata cat girl hybrid if you think Natsuki from hyper police thats me uhh just cuter a bit smarter and I cant throw lightning bolts. But I am a sucker for a warm milk and sea food


I suppose I'd be a Goat wolf hybrid?.... Also Warlock if you want to get technical... But yeah, simply goat werewolf.

Hot dang I just remembered she has wings (my fursona) batwings.... DX
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