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Furs By Species 2

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All Your Base
You just got another red fox. Sorry, I'm sure you're getting tired of foxes at this point.
(I skimmed through the list.)


Admurrable Admurral
Hee hee. Domestic Cat. I am going to pounce you, then pretend it never happened.
I've got so many characters, it's ridiculous.

Meerkat, Ferret, Long-tail Weasel, Wallaroo, Cat, Bunny, Panda, Big Blue Octopus, Cape Fox, Walrus, Indian Flying Fox, Stoat, Wood Mouse, Thylacine, Banana Slug, Beagle, Ethiopian Wolf, Grey Wolf, Silver Fox, Coyote, Red Fox, Giraffe, Zebra, Basenji, Reindeer.

All that, and I don't even have a fursona.
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Furry Gamer

BFBC2 Medic
Now that my fursona is done, you can put me under wolf now, if it's not to much trouble please. Fursona done by the awesome ChickODee.

FAF page here.
DA page here.
I will post a link to her page after they get FA back up and running.

Vulpin Greeneye

"The Stealthy Fox"


Center 50!

inspired by wile e coyote n roadrunner

*meep meep*

*cant draw btw so use imagination.
brown fur with grey belly fur. green eyes and silver paws.*


Canid, dog, mutt (Labrador-shepherd-I have no idea what else mix). Edit: If I ever got to making another character: Husky.
I actually have a meaning behind my name and species.

I'm a Rabbit, and Thlayli is Lapine (Rabbit language) for 'fur head', which is suiting since we are human and also have 'fur' on our heads, so there you go.
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