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Furs By Species 2

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Biggest buttplug ever

I once saw a guy who was a yellow peep... best fursona ever.


The butler did it.
Please take KiraBlue off the list. Not only is the title wrong, but he's not on the forums. >:
I'm starting to get paranoid.

Error 404

Cat, I'm a kittycat
Domestic cat :3


Ran Out Of User Titles
Anthropomorphic raptor. I don't really care what kind, I ain't no biologist. The kind from Jurassic Park, I guess.
Go ahead and add two river otters to my list, as well.


Is not amused...
I'm either mythical/unique or Canid but the species name is Frayell, go ahead and pick whichever based on your idea of my avatar.


Likes to Create
Hee hee. Domestic Cat. I am going to pounce you, then pretend it never happened.

You're already on here. :p

I've got so many characters, it's ridiculous.

Meerkat, Ferret, Long-tail Weasel, Wallaroo, Cat, Bunny, Panda, Big Blue Octopus, Cape Fox, Walrus, Indian Flying Fox, Stoat, Wood Mouse, Thylacine, Banana Slug, Beagle, Ethiopian Wolf, Grey Wolf, Silver Fox, Coyote, Red Fox, Giraffe, Zebra, Basenji, Reindeer.

All that, and I don't even have a fursona.

You're as bad as Liam. DX
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You're already on here. :p

You're as bad as Liam. DX

To be fair, mine are for an on-going project that I've been working on for a few years. They're all part of a story. And very soon one of my couples is going to adopt two more.


Likes to Create
All updated now. EVERYONE who posted in the past 5 days is on now. :> I was busy.

Canid, dog, mutt (Labrador-shepherd-I have no idea what else mix). Edit: If I ever got to making another character: Husky.

I'm sorry, what? Isn't that a little redundant at the beginning, or do you have multiple characters? I put you on as a mutt for now out of best judgement on what you said.

Hakar Kerarmor

I'm a Lancre Reciprocating Fox.


GummyBear Saber Tooth Tiger/ Dire Wolf hybrid

Sgt. Andrews

Innocence proves nothing.
Christ, so many Canines .. though that doesn't surprise me..

Add another one to that list.. *Sigh* Jackal/Doberman. Or Hybrid whatever..
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