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Furs By Species 2

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check this out. 100% man.
i feel like a mix i dont know why but i feel like if i had to pick it would be a wolf and a siberian tiger i just dont know but it came to me in thought.
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Sorry I'm going to switch to wolf because thats what I am at heart.


Ravin' mad! ^w^
Blue fox here. Woo. :3


~TerraDragon .:. High on Life~
Anthro Liger Shapeshifter! ^^

...I have many other characters too.

Sir Salmonclaw (Kodiac Bear)

Lady Goldeyes (Kodiac Bear)

Noctis (Crow/Parrot)

Selena (Timber Wolf, Gryphon)

Coryn (Winged Wolf, Human, Dragon/Human shifter, Timber Wolf, Golden Chinese Dragon)

Esmerelda (Mixed Breed Dragon)

Nissa (Western Dragon)

Posion Ivy (PI) (Posion Dragon)

Takk (Albino Western Dragon)

Basil (Magic Hart)

Luna (Unicorn)

Sunny Dale (Connamara/Astralian Pony Mix)

Stormy (Mustang, Grey with black points)

Amber (Albino Red Squrrile)

Matthew (Washington Black Squirrle)

Boris (Grey Irish Wolfhound)

Brandon (Red Wolf)

Comet (Timber Wolf)

Egypt (Timber Wolf)

Farlough (Timber Wolf)

Likkard (Hellhound, Dire Wolf)

Ada (Grey Wolf, Anthro Grizzly Bear, Fox)

Nina (Timber Wolf)

Ian (Dire Wolf)

Kodo (African Wild Dog)

Layla (Black Labrador Retriver)

Clay (Wiged Mutt)

Mossflowere (Pegusus, Grey Wolf)

TriLunar (Winged Wolf)

TatterSoul (Gloomwolf (?))

Snowpelt (Dire Wolf, Winged Wolf)

Starpelt (Dire Wolf, Winged Wolf)

William (Beagle)

Terra (Anthro Liger Shapeshifter)

Balthazar (Anthro Ox/Goat)

Sheldon (Anthro Leopard Frog)

Some are ACTUALL characters, others are just names and a look. Ehh. The bolded green one is my fursona. ^^'
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