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Furs By Species 2

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Hateful Bitch

Hang up your coat
I do have a job and college I tend to so don't expect instant results. :p
That is no excuse for not being in this thread 24/7 sir.

You can update me to Labrador, I've made my decision. My life begins now.

Edit: Oh god my head I am so obsessive it's unreal. I want to alphabetise every section of this list so that people can find themselves because I have the feeling you're just slapping people on the end of their speces list regardless of their name.
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FAF's #1 Terrorist
Willow (Wolf) and Ash (Northern Sergal) which Ash is just Willow's demon form...

There's also Zyklon F, who is essentially a fox with a few sergal-ish features..

Willow's the only one who's actually a fursona...Ash and Zyklon are just characters I made for various other purposes..


glowing objects! :D
You can if you want to be. :p

really late reply thanks ^^

canid (wolf/husky) [for now... xP]

fyi, my avatar is deceitful cuz is a mutt X3


What is this internet?
I'm a Cheshire Cat/Werewolf/Skunk exotic hybrid.:grin:
I have multiple fursonas
Canid and Felid :3


My Username is False
Faun with fur and fox ears...what will that go under?


Scottish Fold cat, disabled, and sneezing a lot.
British Shorthair Tabby Cat.


Sometimes I feel more wolfish, sometimes more vulpine...but not at the same time. Generally, though, I'm a fox.


Though I have two, I usually only go by the one so I will go under that X3

I'm a Quetzalcoatlus (aka a type of Pterodactyl.....have no idea where I would go on the list XD)
Not open for further replies.