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Furs By Species 2

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Heads on sticks = win
Arctic Gnoll, yes I went with a subspecies of a generic Monster from D&D, so what? i like being apart of a mythos... lots of perks. And yes im purple... there's a boring backstory to that... if you really want to know just ask... but im warning you it is VERY boring...


Fresh Prince of FAF
CHANGING species: just wolf.

If ya don't feel like changing it then don't I don't really care lol

otto james

straight-jacket not included
American badger ^(^.^)^


I bite. A little.
Maned wolf, mainly. Bits of grey wolf and red fox, but mainly maned wolf. <3

neelix zidphinlan

I am © to my self & ® to furs
Wolf, Border collie, husky. With a hint of newfoundland X3


Maybe I Could Be...
Lol sorry for falling so far behind, I got busy, thank you for taking up the task Shadow <3


Admurrable Admurral
Boring lil' Cat.

Dog Donovan

[ Potent ]
Species Change (it was a terribly, TERRIBLY traumatic surgery)

Remove me from under the Canid categorieh and place me under the Felid categorieh as a Cougar. YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!
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