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Furs By Species 3

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Beware of Molesters
i'm going to go with Kitty cat meow, as halarious as being a jerrymander was.


You need to do a little careful research on the population trends of the Polar Bear.

You will find that there are about 20 different polar bear 'herds' that, as a group, are thriving and growing.


Ginger Wolf
<= Ginger Wolf. I'm a very proud ginger, and "red wolf" never covered it. So shades of ginger on the head, back, top of tail and front of limbs, and white with "little freckles spots" on the lower face, belly, limbs, and tail. Haven't been able to give it a good draw (I suck...) so I might try to commission later...if I can get Paypal to be nice. =(

Vincent Jaeger

Vintage Jägermeister
A Snow Leopard that can easily find the joy of things to do and get.


New Member
My applause to you for this undertaking. Seriously.

Also, my 'sona is a white domestic cat. ...Come to think of it, almost none of my cat characters are much more specific than that.
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