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Fursona´s Voice


The Laconic Draconic
My voice would be soft, a gentle musical sound.

Rather than my raspy somewhat-masculine voice I have now. :)


rabbit in a hat
She would probably sound rather funny and awkward. Because she doesn't usually get to talk much.


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Hah, good topic. No fursona here, but my character Elliot (the orange guy on my user page picture) I imagine speaking with a whispery, slightly nasal, intense, raspy voice and a slight northern French accent.


low and relaxed when among friends. in the company of my enemy my voice booms striking fear into their very souls.


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Mine has no voice, it's too busy with things in its mouth.


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an angry, bitter, chain-smoking middle-aged male Brooklynite.
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Dungeon Mistress
My fursona's voice would sound like my own... complete with my normal purring, meowing, etc.

Nox on the other hand... hers would be feminine, of course, but with a very strong, dark, and respect-commanding tone. The type of voice that makes you wonder if she really is very approachable at all, and if so how submissive you'll have to act in order to remain in her good graces.


The Wild And Crazy Hybrid
If your fursona has the ability to talk, how would you describe his/her voice with us?

Mines would be strong spoken, with a funny foreign accent

I have always known that my character would have a deep, rumbling, gravelly voice with a hint of a Scottish lilt.


On a whirlwind adventure!
Ikodo is somewhat shy, but his voice would be the same as mine.......which as far as I can tell is a very typical, maybe slightly higer than average late teenage sounding voice, nothing very special about it <..<

Renton Whitetail

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My fursona's voice sounds very young, heroic and gentle (kind of like mine).
My Fursona has a mostly normal Mid-High Bass voice, just like mine. That is so if I were to do an animation of my fursona, I wouldn't have to change my voice to much to do the voice acting for him ^^.


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Fairly deep, but he prefers to speak in a higher key, also a slightly Norwegian accent.


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What can I say, I think my character would have a deep, well spoken, British accent. Clear, concise, think Stephen Fry, but no where near as witty. Or soft, a bit harsher than him. Though equally content with the English Language.


I guess my Fursona talks similiar to me...I have a deeper voice for a girl...Im not too high pitched....I also tend to talk with a very light Canadian accent (or so Im told by people who talk to me) lol....sometimes I "shh" my S 's too....if I say "so" I pronounce it "sho"...yeah...she would probably just sound like me ;)