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Fursona artists for hire?


New Member
I'll do it for something like this (I draw fast too)


Candy is dandy~
i would help you out for just a nice quick single veiw <3! 20$ is fine
normally i charge pretty high but i have a weakness for new furries trying to make their new self representations


Tsuko speaking.
Hi! I am currently open for commission. I can do a flat color fullbody for that price, If you want something else we can always talk and negotiate.

Here is a tiny collage of my works. If you are interested my FA account is tsuko-chi!


Hello there! I'm interested in doing a design for you if you're willing to pay!
For 20 bucks you can get a quick reference like this one and this one, just tell me what you're looking for in a design!
(Yours might be slightly less cleaned up considering it's only 20 and these take me a few hours!)