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Benjie Foxilia

Supreme Femboy

Hi there! Thanks in advance for reading this.

The name’s Benjie, and I’ve been having a bit of trouble... For about a year or so, I’ve been struggling with creating my own fursona. I’m a new member of the furry community and have very little experience in drawing anthropomorphic animals (or animals in general) and am struggling quite a bit. Not that I’m very good at drawing anyway. All I could really provide is photos of the actual animal that I find wherever online and describe other specific details that I’d want on the picture (full-body, preferably nude just for the sake of having a body shape reference). I’m extremely broke at the moment but still willing to pay for the creation to an extent based on the outcome of the picture and time spent. I’d prefer something that’s not too realistic but not too chibi either, if that makes sense. Oh. I haven’t even stated the animal yet. I’ve settled with the California Kangaroo Rat! Kinda weird but so am I!

Uhm. I’m not entirely sure what the price range would be. Kinda depends on your personal regular commission price. Uhm. I dunno, I’ll just toss out like $45USD for a good one. Subject to change for better or not.

Sorry if these types of posts don’t go here! I posted it elsewhere and was then given suggestions on where to post, so here it is. Bless~
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I'd love to help you out! :D
My references sheet prices are as follows:
Colored Sketch(flat color only) $28, $14 add pose, $7 per add on
Flat Color $35, $28 add pose, $14 per add on
Cel Shaded $56, $42 add pose, $21 per add on
Prices may increase for more complex character/prop designs.

You can find my terms of service here!
Hi, I'm interested. I can give you a full body, colored with cell shading. I don't have a set price, you can just pay me whatever you think my art is worth.

here are some examples:

You can reach either on this site or at freedomofaphoenix@gmail.com

hope to hear from you if you're interested.