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Fursona Creation?


Title says it all? How the hell does one create a fursona? What's the process for making a 'sona?

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it's in the heart and soul... or out of you mind idk and first you want to draw your fursona (or have someone make a ref sheet for you ofc) and then you need a name and pesonality


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Step 1. Create a character (by definition a furry one). If this is hard, well, I sympathize with you, but there are many resources out there for you to read and research character creation. Conveniently, you already know one character very well: yourself! Your fursona can easily be simply you, but an animal of some sort.
Step 2. Depict this character visually. Whether this be by drawing the character yourself, or by commissioning an artist's services, you'll need some way for your comrades to know what this character is like.

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There is absolutely no one simple or "correct" method. It's literally just like creating any other character. Whatever gets you to a character you enjoy is what you do.

^ this.

A Fursona, is a Furry Persona. A Persona, represents the characteristics you would like to show others. It doesn't necessarily need to be exactly you, but it's always up to you. :3

For me, a Fursona had to be there in order to have a being to represent me while interacting online. I don't like myself, but this another me is who I like and be proud and confident to show. By doing so, it becomes easier for me to interact with people online.

In addition, I decided to research hard and make it have a shared trait between me, my Fursona, and the real life counterpart of the Fursona.

I'm always lazy and do nothing but I get infinite stamina when it's about what I like.
When I want something and realistically need it, I end up making it as I wanted.
I always need to have everything checked and going good in case I fall behind of something important.
I don't really care about what's going on around me regardless of who or what's associated with it, unless it's associated with/important to me.
I regard privacy highly important, I say no when I have to, and help saying no if someone needs it.
I tend to look after me first more than others. (It seems selfish in some perspective, but I need to make myself ready before helping any.)
I'm sincere to who's close to me, and do my best to make their time worth it.
I'm capable of getting over quickly with break-ups, and get going to fetch something I need rather than staying stray.
I'm quiet and neutral when nothing's around, but when someone crosses me, it's the end of their career. (Literally)
When any issue occurs, and when I consider it not worth the effort to handle, I simply ignore it.

These are some of the known traits of a domestic cat(commonly), so why not make myself a cat? So here it is, my Fursona, a cat! And I love cats too OwO

I'm not saying that you need to dig deep into any species you're aiming for your Fursona, just saying this is how I've done. Just an example if you don't know how to get started.
Hope this helped! UwU
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Definitely agree with the above, every process is different. I was in the fandom for a few years before coming up with my sona just last year. For me it was simply about taking a species I had made up before being a furry and eventually the idea just came to me of how I could further customize that species and create a sona from it.

Also, an important note, you don't need to have a sona to participate in the fandom. Plenty of people don't, some have multiple, some just stick to making characters that aren't a sona, or some people switch between multiple sonas. There's no rulebook for this sort of thing, it's all fantasy in the end so if for some reason someone gives you a hard time just ignore them.

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I know there's many barbies out there, but a man must chose. Firstly, skin colour. Second, favorite hair colour. Is she big or tall? Good, dress her up with whatever you feel like looks the prettiest. Maybe even think about what kind of a person she is? Singer, model, princess and so on. If you're that kind of person, maybe even try to wrap your head around some backstory. Who's your barbies Ken, who are her friends.
Got it? Perfect! Now toss that barbie aside and replace everything related to Barbie with animal and/or furry. Nice, now you have a fursona concept, you're welcome.


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Personally I've been several things. Once I was a dragon, but then I heard that those are associated with egotism and a lack of creativity. Then I was a draft horse, but those are hated by everyone and are associated with being big and stupid. So now I just don't really have anything except a few types of attributes that I can stick onto any kind of species that I'm forced into being... Because you don't know yourself as well as others know you, so it's best to just let them decide for you.

Now these attributes I'm talking about are things like body-type, hairstyle, certain skills you'd posses as a character. You need to be a bit flexible so that when you're in a situation that says "x animal can't do y", you'll be able to remove a trait so that it doesn't disrupt the fantasy of whatever the other person wants. When creating your own cast of characters and creations, you can do whatever you want, but don't be surprised if you don't get a lot of attention or notice on the artwork or writing you make.


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Depends how "deep" you want to get.

For some people, it's just a character for fun. They have no real deep connection to it, it may or may not be anything like who they are as a person, it may or may not share any of their personality traits or interests.

For other people, it's an extension of themselves. They may choose an animal or species or some mix of species based on animals with characteristics they feel they can relate to. Its personality may be a direct reflection. Sometimes people who are kind of shy or introverted may have a fursona that is more outgoing, as a way to express themselves. It can have talents similar to yours, or it may do things that you would like to be able to do, like being a great singer or dancer or athlete.

Remember that this is YOUR character - it's not meant to be a popularity contest, and it's not meant to be a competition for whose character is the most colorful or edgy or powerful or sexy.

Just do you.


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Remember that this is YOUR character - it's not meant to be a popularity contest, and it's not meant to be a competition for whose character is the most colorful or edgy or powerful or sexy.
This, I think, is the main thing that should be kept in mind. Don't compare your character to others, and don't measure your value by theirs.


Title says it all? How the hell does one create a fursona? What's the process for making a 'sona?
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