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Fursona crushes!

Mikazuki Marazhu

I hate you all
God damn why is he so adorable?? Where can I follow/watch him?
Check out TULER ★彡 (@TairuPANdA): TULER ★彡 (@TairuPANdA) on Twitter

Userpage of TairuPanda -- Fur Affinity [dot] net


Chocolate horse delicacy
The closest thing to a crush I have, is not a fursona, but merely a character in a comic I'm fan of. I really like his story and personality, and I've long wanted to see my fursona have fun with him.
Here he is: www.deviantart.com: Red

I like many other characters and fursonas, but often it's mainly a visual appeal, as I don't know that much about their personality or background. I wouldn't call those crushes.

I very much enjoy finding pictures of different characters, and coming up with ideas for how they might interact with my own fursona. I do that rather often, on the main site and sometimes when people post their fursona pictures here.
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Haha okay, I'll play along. There are quite a few fursonas and furry-type characters that I have crushes on (not so much fursuits though). If I had to share a few


on Twitter (formerly Mainlion). Probably one of the earlier crushes I had on a person's fursona when I got more involved in the fandom lol


Pantera (SXFPantera) Another one who I think is just so cute. :)

And yeah I've gotta thing for big muscles ^//w//^
Those are the two that come to mind really.