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Does your Fursona resemble you?

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Hyena Jerk
I was discussing with a friend the other day about Fursona's and their creators and we ended on a very interesting question.
How many people in the Furry community have designed their sona's to look like them?
Why design your Fursona to look different from you?
So, I'm all curious now and I want to hear from you.
Is your Fursona based on your actual appearance, or is it not? and why?

Deleted member 111470

He looks different from me. I designed him like this because he's in a sense what I've always wanted to be - I've always wanted to be a tad bit shorter and much skinnier, more agile and faster.

But he resembles me in other aspects.


My sona looks somewhat similar to me in the aspect of height, weight and color. Otherwise, I make her out to be almost a completely different me. She is my mask, per say owo so she resembles me but isnt me if that makes sense. What happens to her, doesnt happen to me emotionally or physically.


Weeeeeell....we both fit the role of poorly dressed chubby mess? But his hair is so much nicer than mine. :'(


guardian angel
my fursona looks nothing like me. i guess we're both thin but that's really where the similarities end. they're tall, don't even have hair, 6 eyes, oh and did i mention they're an angel? lmao yeah i don't think my fursona resembles me physically at all but i'm not very connected to my body/physical appearance so i don't care for making my fursona look like me anyways.

edit: also my icon is not my fursona i thought i should mention whoops


Chocolate horse delicacy
My fursona doesn't look like me. She's simply my main character, and the character I want to see artwork of the most. She wasn't designed to represent me, or to be an anthro version of me either, as that's not how I'm part of this community. I really don't consider myself a "furry". I just like anthro artwork.

My "fursona" was made simply by thinking of what kind of anthro character I would like to see and include in stories or ideas. I wanted to see a chocolate-brown mare :)
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A Lynx to the past
Well...about as similar as you can get considering we're different species xD but we dress the same and one of the reasons I like lynxes is we both have very messy hair :p


meh, not really. He's male so definitely not similar in the aspect of gender lol. He's more toned and well structured than I, has piercings, and a much better sense of fashion. He's more of what I'd like to be than what I am :3


A-veri Rood Roo
I'm male (my fursona's female), but I do have a feminine figure. She was kimda a charater first so there are some resemblances but there are also some differences.


it's a moth! it a dragon! no, it's a avali boi!
not sure how a human would even begin to look like an avali~


Smartass skunk
The only thing that my sona and I have in common really is body type. And eye color. That's about it.


A-veri Rood Roo
The only thing that my sona and I have in common really is body type. And eye color. That's about it.
I think that's literally all that humans and anthors have in common when comparing them to their creators.


Some weird teen on the web that likes cartoons
The only thing Sunburst and I have in common is the fact that we're thin and around the same height. Other that, nothing. We're not even the same gender.


Secretly a Junes employee
Of course. Irl I have a beak and feathers and... wait...

On a serious note, I look much different than my sona. I'm not quite as slim as her (Wanted her to come across as serpent-like). Also, I don't have red eyes ._.


Late Healer Ferret
I usually do a similar hairstyle i have or have had before when I make sonas. That’s usually about it.


Facially we have a bit of a resemblance. That’s intentional. He’s part of my personality, so of course we reflect each other’s expressions.

Body wise he’s much bigger of course. I’m fit enough, but he’s a lot more muscular.

Sergei Sóhomo

General characteristics of my mink are pretty close to mine.

But overall I'm not an animal, so no


Magepunk Fashionisto
I wanted a fursona that was literally the furry version of myself. I'm pretty wild and flamboyant with brown hair and high cheekbones, so I went for it


I like to think that he does. Jaw shape? Check. Nasal sect? Check. Eyebags? Check. Thicc eyebrows? Check. Eye color? Check. Besides, those who've seen my irl pics said I do in fact look like my fagsona, so that's cool


Canadian Dragon
At first I was surprised to see the lowest vote was "yes", but then i thought about it and I guess im not so surprised afterall.

Mine looks like me. Years ago I created her because I liked dragons and wanted to draw myself as one, thats about it. I didnt realize I was considered a furry or that was a thing ;P