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Does your Fursona resemble you?

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Angry Lizard King
I don't see the point in having a persona character that doesn't resemble myself. Kind of defeats the purpose.

Le Chat Nécro

most thugged-out dope hoe
we're both v pale and tired. that's about it.


Last time I checked I'm not 8ft tall and made of mostly metal and circuits. But we both have a dark sense of humor and a habit of triggering people.


A smol shy purple she wolf
Well, Selyn me as wolf, soo yeah xD I love purple, I'm shy and some times sad. Not only sad, ofc I'm very happy and in a good mood at some timesxD
Ohh! And I'm smol. SElyn is also smol for a shewolf


Resident Stone Age Fox
I think only our body shapes match, other than that I don't have a tattoo like Sakara's, nor a chin scruff like his, though I do like my beard, and I haven't styled his headfur at all. So kinda, kinda not.


Queen of Laziness
We aren’t the same in terms of color, but me and my scaly gorl are both thin, have average height, and she has the same basic personality as mine.

I’d like to think Mae represents only the best parts of me.

Ra'ara Su'nai

The golden-voiced fox
With the new ref picture I got for him, Ra'ara kind of has the same build as me(a bit on the large side) but other than that, no. I'm not an anthro fox(it's a pity, I know) I don't have a crazy hair color(against the dress code where I work) and I don't have heterochromatic eyes(and my eyes are too sensitive for contacts)

sta.sh: For kratos109876 (Kratos109876 is the name I've used on DA and numerous other sites for a while. FA here is the first place I used my fursona name as my screen name)


My fursona is me, but with cat parts.
Well, he doesn't have my hairs, as he's a cat. But he has the same bodytype, height, weight, facial expressions (or should I say, lack of expression), attitudes and clothes.
Well, he's meant to be me, after all. That's why he's my fursona. Otherwise, he would just be a furry character.

The Matte-Black Cat

Dark/Psychic-Timid Nature-Often lost in thought
My fursona dresses as edgey as I'd like to dress..I'd love to wear a huge spiked gauntlet, but I'm pretty sure everyone would be a little too shocked by that..


back to Aussie foxying!
I always try to base my various sonas on my actual appearance. it's kinda me fitting my facial features to the mould of the animal.


It depends on which one I'm using at the time--I'd definitely say my current bear is intentionally modelled to look closer to me irl though((and others like my Cheshire cat/Jackalope are more just what I really like aesthetically, rather than me))
and oh wow, yeah I do see a resemblance!((in part that big ol bushy stache totally tbh!))


Antelope-Addicted Hyena
Yes, pretty much. Just a furry version of myself. Even the facial features and body type were used, as much as it made sense.

The only thing that really doesn't match (aside from species-related features, of course!) is the hair length. I no longer sport the long mane IRL, but it stays on my character for good.


Small but Mighty
As much as is possible! Hairstyle and ear piercings are mine, and the outfit in my ref is mine too. When I messaged the artist that I wanted to commission I sent them the most up-to-date photo of myself (which was me in said outfit lol). Smile is as on-point as it could be!



Nah, I don't think we do, the way I imagine him is a bit cartoony.
But something we have in common is that we wear jackets even if it's hot outside. Also, I'm working on getting that pompadour, just gotta grow my hair long enough.

I don't know why but I think you two look very alike, maybe it's because of the mustache?


Not for the most part, both physically and personality-wise. She's what I would like to be though. Strong, floofy, no boobs, able to not be crushed by the slightest change in her environment.

TFW people compliment your sona and go on about how that's their preferred body type... (which is rare since she does not look female)
:v You'd sure hate to see the real me then!


aka Cutter Cat
I don't know why but I think you two look very alike, maybe it's because of the mustache?

That photo is a little dated. I have a close cropped mostly silver beard now, too.:cool: