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Fursona Evolution


Show me how much your fursona has evolved since you've first put a pencil on paper (or drawing app) till now!

My fursona, Deathless, was originally going to have spikes/horns on her snout and have a sweater of the album cover of Visions (made by Haken) because she was named after a song from that album! She also originally had purple eyes and no head fluff and only 4 fingers. It's very little changes here and there!
yas - Copy.png
After a while, I stopped using line art from Google Images and I began drawing it myself. I changed her design to have her wear the outfit that one of my favorite musicians, Neal Morse, wore during a live performance which consists of a mask with the corner missing, a t-shirt with a hood, and ripped up arm sleeve things! (I was also a little iffy on drawing feminine curves at the time, not sure why lol)
When that phase was over, I then decided I didn't want her to have a set outfit, just a general idea of what she wears: black t-shirt, black leggings, Converse shoes, etc. At one point I wanted her to have a necklace of the mask shape but I kind of kept forgetting to draw it so I just ditched it! I gave her head fluff and made her a bit more "organized".
My art style changed a little bit so here is the most recent pictures (I've drawn digitally) of my baby. Looking back on her old designs makes me think that it only took like a few months to get her the way she is now!
Show me your fursona changes/improvements!
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Late Healer Ferret
LV is still relatively new...only a few months old. But I have updated a little since.




This was my first idea of him. His horns were curved and his skin was detailed differently. His hairstyle was more messy and he always had red goggles on.

I later finalized him to look like this. He's more artificial looking, has sharper horns, smoother hair, and has a glowing red pattern across his body.


Mine hasn’t been consistent whatsoever!

Started out with a purple “alien” bear named Boingo. He was mainly made out of guilt cause I had a friend who was a furry who really wanted me to make one. He was cute but...I really had no attatchment to him whatsoever. It’s actually kinda hard to find pictures of him that I drew myself? My friend got me a badge and a pin and I still feel sooo bad because I’ve never worn them. ;0;

Then there was Lil Darlin. I dont know if I’d consider her an actual sona, mainly because she was more of an OC to me but I still love her to bits. My friend is actually the one who made her to begin with when she was really into MLP and had a somewhat popular OC ask blog. I made one for Lil Darlin and it was actually a lot of fun! It only lasted about a year because the community/fandom was very quickly burning out but I still use her as a stand alone character sometimes.

And last but not least there’s my current sona Axxe! What originally started out as a joke about highlands cattle being my fursona because they have cool emo hair quickly turned into that not being a joke. Woops. He’s relatively recent, only made him around the end of last year but I think I can easily say he’ll be sticking around for a while! He is definitely more me than the other two.


I've had a lot of different fursonas over the years, but Nadia is the first I've stuck to!

She's gotten a bit of a facelift since I made her first... but it's nothing drastic. Here she was from 2016:

And now!