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Fursona help please.


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Hey guys. I am new here and am looking to make a fursona,but I can't figure out witch animal to make him. I want him to be identical to me just... Furrier...personality wise I am outgoing,fiercely loyal,kind,and a huge dork lol,mostly on the mellow side until provoked then I tend to get violent. Physical build wise I am 6'7,280 pounds and a decent portion of that is muscle. So all that being said what animal do you believe would match up best? All answers will be greatly appreciated :). Please excuse any grammatical errors I've always had a problem with "proper English"...


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Off a random search:
Fiercely loyal: wolf, eagle, gibbon, vole
Outgoing(curious): squirrel, cat, octopus

Try out this test, when I guessed your information it said an elephant
This other one seems kind of neat though

6'7 is pretty tall, I'd guess a lion or wolf, something that translates well to a bigger build. I don't think it necessarily needs to have your irl physique though, I imagine lots of people just choose their favorite animal regardless of the personality.


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I dunno, just go on a wikipedia animal-research-spree. Go through a bunch of different species, save pictures of your favourites as you go along.


awsome i took the first one two times and it said i was a wolf lol but anyways welcome and go through the different animals and their characteristics and hey try a hybrid
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Why don't you just make your sona a pig? :I Those of don't Porcine family really don't get enough love.


Why don't you just make your sona a pig? :I Those of don't Porcine family really don't get enough love.
So true. PigPen just go with whatever animal you like most. Feel free to be creative. Also welcome to the forums.

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Your name contains the answer. Piggy is your 'sona


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Here's two species that are pretty popular: Pot Bellied Pig and Wild Boar. There's also a few animals of the Peccary family, which are related to pigs. My favorite is the Javelina. Peccaries are essentially pigs with a stink gland. Not the most attractive fursona choice, but they are quite cute. :3


And if you're a peccary, you could go to a convention, not shower the entire time and say you're just getting "in character!" I have been to many conventions where the attendees smell worse than the wild animals they portray. And not all of them are wearing a smelly fursuit to use as an excuse.


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