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(Commission) Selling: Fursona/OC bracelets!(starting $19!)


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These are custom beaded bracelets inspired by your fursona/oc's color palettes!
4 slots available!
bracelets can be any size, the standard being 6 1/2 inches (21 beads)
they do not have to be fursona/oc related, they can be pride colors, inspired by fictional characters, or even just a couple of colors you like!
silver charms can be added! (current charms available are cats, ladybugs, stars, and hearts. Paws will be available soon!)

one bracelet is $19, two for $30!
wip pictures will be provided, and any changes made if need be!

Examples (featuring my oc Lainy!)



Lainy's "sandy" colors were exempt from this one due to personal preference!
if interested please PM<3