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Fursona/Pets: match and clash?



I feel uneasy when my fursona matches the pets/companion animals I keep. For a while I had a greyhound, and at the time my 'sona was a greyhound. I can't explain it, but it felt weird and wrong. Pretending to be the same species as my pets , I mean. I keep parrots and snakes and I could never feel comfortable pretending to be a parrot or snake.

Does anyone else feel the same, or am I just horribly neurotic?


To be honest, I often feel the same way. I would not judge anybody who does choose to have a fursona whose species is the same as that of a pet. However, I never would do such a thing. It does make me uneasy as well, especially in terms of the sexual sides. It simply feels wrong to me to take pleasure in pretending to be a walking, talking, version of my own pets, and fantasize or depict myself in sexual situations. Of course, this does not imply anything; some people may have chosen their fursona as they feel a special connection to that species/breed, which may be the same reason they chose that animal as a pet as well.
I suppose it simply depends. Some people do not even think of the fact that their fursona and their pets are the same. Perspective is everything. Luckily, given my fursona is a fox, I will never have my fursona and pet match. Ha!


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*stares at fursona literally based on all of my pet ferrets*

I do see where you’re coming from actually. My pets tend to just be a heavy source of inspiration for me though. People get that from lots of places, and I can see how it would be weird.


I just like cats so I keep cats around. Probably because they resemble me in a way. So obviously my fursona is an animal that resembles me too. I've never seen anything wrong with that.


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I have never had a bobcat. In fact my fursona was an accident I liked. I was aiming to draw canine but messed it up and drew bobcat instead. I liked it more so I kept it

Aika the manokit

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My sona has: Ray the crow and Ran (pronounced like Ron) the rattlesnake.

Always bickering in a way but are best friends.

As for my actual pets, I have a chiweenie named pudgy. He's the only one of the six animals that is mine. The others belong to the rest of the family