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Fursona Pronunciation

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So my sona goes by her nickname, which is Tallie, pronounced “TAA-lee” like “rally.”
But her full name is Naphtali which is pronounced “Naff-TAW-lee” (like “maw” or “saw.”)

Casey Fluffbat

E. Fuscus from the discount section

Pretty standard


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Mines easy say it how it looks Goodspeed one word

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Plouc (ploo-k)


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HIs full name is Kinguyakki, which means "Northern Lights," so named because his eyes whirl in shades of purple, gold, and green.

Pronounced, it sounds like "Kin-ee-ah-key" which is kind of a mouthful, so he usually just goes by "Akki."

Marius Merganser

The Duke of Birds
Pronounced MAIR-ee-us.

Didn't know this when I picked it, but the name is derived from 3 possibilities:
1. The Roman god of war, Mars. Mars is also the red planet and he's a red-breasted merganser.
2. The Latin word "mas" or "maris", meaning male, which he is.
3. The Latin word "mare", meaning "sea". And he's a sea duck.


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There are a few pronounciations for Kili, the one I tend to use is Kil-ee which is based on the name of Mount Kilimanjaro. However, I have also heard of folks using the pronounciation of Ke-lee.


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I use "Chaw-os" when I think the name, but I wouldn't mind it if someone said "kay-os"


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Franz - FRÄ-nz, kinda like in "Cans" but with Z
and his last name Blitzenstark as BLEETZ-ëhn-stark

Wynstar Wynn is pronounced like GWEEN-star WEEN ^w^

the others aren't so well known to be added.. for now ;3

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You can only pronounce my name after getting triple 7s on a Slot machine.

Otherwise he's literally just how you'd say jackpot in English.


“D a t t e b a y o”


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One syllable, just KEHts. Not Kwets.


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Glad this thread exists, her name can actually be quite confusing.

Anyways, it's pronounced "Ire-lis." Or lys. However you prefer it.