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fursona request


if any good artist could make this i would really appreciate it.i am not in hurry so u can have as much time as you want.

description:it has the same color as this wolf expect where there is black i need it to be light grey.
clothes:wears a jacket (like this) that is open and at the place of the symbol in the image i gave you, you will write "furry wolf" with orange letters, jacket color would be light black. if possible dont make them very big. since the jacket you would see a tshirt that is totally black. as for the trousers, he wears something like this . color should be black lighter than the shirt and deeper than the jacket.
his right hand is in the shirt and his left hold a ssa. ssa is facing to the floor since the hand should be down. he has blue eyes and he i looking at down on the left side, his mouth is pretty big. his has an evil smile, his eye teeth(the 2 big teeth that they have in front, dont know the exact word for them)would be small. cuz of the evil smile you would also be able to see the teeth in the end of the mouth but not the teeth in front of expect they 2 eye teeth.
about style of image: i would prefer it to be detailed and realistic. a few examples of what i mean by that(1,2). it doesnt to be exactly like that but be a bit realistic.

cuz i sometimes make some sentences that make no sense ask me if u dont understand something.