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Fursona Scars


slash marks on his back, a jagged one on his torso, and a few on both forearms


Frot me baby!
My human form has a small scar on the back of his head
  • another small one on the right forearm
  • one on the back of my right hand
  • a trianlgual one on the palm of my left hand
  • some on the knuckles of my fingers
  • a large rough patch of skin on my left calf
  • and another on my left foot
They also seem to carry over when I change to my raptor form too.


Noir Fetishist
Clafier only has one scar that won't seem to heal (since normally they disappear due to unusually fast healing) that she got when she was very young. It's across her right eye and goes down her cheek. The scar tissue pulls her eyebrow and lid a little bit, making the brow more elongated-looking and the eye close slightly.


The ferret overlord
Mine has one running down her left arm, because I do too =P


Cuddly Kitty Cat
My fursona has no scars, although IRL I have a very large burn scar covering both my shoulders. That is not appealing to me in human form, so I will 'correct' that flaw so to speak~


my character keeps his left eye shut from a car accident but the truth is that when i designed him 15 years ago, i couldn't draw matching eyes to save my life P: so i pulled the constant winking stunt, and eventually gave it a story.

but i do have a scar on my left eye from a car.