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Fursona Species Suggestions?


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Hi! I am 100% new to fur affinity and I haven't really done furry art for a few years... anyways I wanted to make a brand new fursona that really represents me but for the life of me I haven't been able to decide on a species. This seems like a really friendly community so I thought I'd ask for some suggestions.

I'd like the species to be herbivorous. I'm more of a quite, shy person who really can only handle people in small groups, but I really like helping people out and taking care of people. I love to be outdoors for walks and hikes and I like to garden.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated... Thanks!


The cat's mother.
A rabbit? That's the first thing that springs to my mind.


Or if you want to be something more exotic, maybe a tortoise?


Just some ideas.


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honduran white bat


I'd use one myself if I was looking for a herbivore

Patagonian Mara

There're rather social though, but if your interested in rabbits it might be an option

These three below are the closest I'd say to what you outlined


African forest buffalo


Top fit I'd say, there's a nice veriaty of colours with this one too.

There's also a decent list of herbivores here to help narrow things down if u want