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Fursona species there should be more of, less of and none of in your opinion


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A porcupine was actually one of the ideas I was playing around with for a unusual kind of fursuit you don't see every day. Likely one I'll be attempting much later on down the road though, as I've no idea yet how I'll be able to make all those quills and make them so they won't actually take an eye out.
So much as its all fun and games until someone gets hurt, I don't think having a furry hugger impaled on my suit would be particular fun. Hilarious perhaps, but not fun for me.

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I'd actually love to see more insects. They're hard to make "cute" but when done the right way are absolutely cool. I think sea turtles have been ignored completely so they need some love.

And I'd actually love to see more monkey/apes. Just look at this: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/9248783/ Adorable.


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Less leopards, I despise those nasty little buggers £ :v
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Insects and turtles are, in my view, pushing towards 'being different for the sake of it'.

Less leopards, I despise those nasty little buggers £ :v

Less leopards and more panthers!

..Wait what's the difference again?


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Panthers is actually another form of panthera which is the genus that lions tigers jaguars and leopards all branch off from. Black panthers specifically are just a variation of the jaguar which is cousins with leopards but are not the same thing

Fun facts time:)

Leopard: Panthera Pardus(me:p)
Jaguar: Panthera Onca
Snow Leopard: Panthera, or Uncia, Uncia
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Not enough Thylacines in the fandom.


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I just think people should choose what most represents them. I understand there are a ton of people choosing Fox, but I wasn't aware of that, I chose it because that animal is the most like my personality and even looks. Of course some people say I should be a giraffe because I'm tall and I could see some kind of spotted animal because I have freckles, but I'm going with Fox. I also like to keep it simple you know? I dropped the species mix thing a while ago because it was just too cheap and I leave my design basic and simplistic. None of this shapeshifting, wings, glowing stuff, a ref sheet detailing my penis type, none of that. Fuzz is a simple Fox and a balanced part of your morning breakfast. Remember to get your two scoops a day!
Fewer mice! I need to be the only one. :V
More specific species/breeds, less generic cats/dogs/animals.
I've seen furs take this too far, though. People who pick a type of a subspecies of a subspecies of a subspecies of a subspecies of a species sometimes come off as trying way too hard. Screw "Soft-Padded Methicanidianus Wolfulugus Icerlaskan Medium-Snouted Grey Wolf." Just say you're a fucking wolf.

Also, screw you guys, I never get sick of seeing dragons. But for some reason, sometimes dragons with super small wings bother me but flying dragons without them don't. I guess because Eastern dragons can fly but don't have wings. Vicious and primal eastern dragons bother me, though. As far as what I want to see more of goes, um... IDK, it's really not about species to me but about furry art style. I even like seeing sparkledogs if it's go'n about in a way that looks cool. I can go into specific art styles I want to see more or less of but nah, I'll save it for some other time. One more thing on dragons: No shit, there aren't many dragon fursuiters! Those bitches are hard to draw, can you imagine how hard a suit would be to make!?

P.S: I know that porcupine should creep me out, but I just love it! Can I eat it?
P.S.S: Oi, I've thought of a species I want more of! Skunks! They're so cute and it's hard to fuck up an anthro skunk design. We need more than our resident Flower err I mean Saliva.
More annelids. I know they aren't glamorous, but they're essential to our ecosystem, dammit! A creative person could do some really cool things with an earthworm-sona.
Or an uncreative person with an Earthworm Jim recolor.
And darnit Troj, you know being a genderless earthworm would be no fun! Furries are only interested in large horse dicks and intersex sonas that somehow have a perfect 7-inch dick, balls, and a well-functioning vagina. :V


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Less people who choose completely random animals just to be unique. I have no issue with choosing unconventional species, but it should be for some reason other than just wanting to stand out.
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I'd actually love to see more insects. They're hard to make "cute" but when done the right way are absolutely cool. I think sea turtles have been ignored completely so they need some love.

You mean like this? Technically, he's a mascot, but he's adorable (and a mantis):

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I think I've said this before, but I think there should be more okapi. I also think the dhole and maned wolf should make more appearances.


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Not enough Thylacines in the fandom.

Yes! And marsupials in general. Opossums, wombats... and where's the love for quolls, numbats, and pig-footed bandicoots?! Also more prehistoric species, including dinosaurs. But since mammals seem so popular, there's a whole plethora of exotic prehistoric mammals to explore. Diprotodons, y'all!

There's not really anything I'd like to see less of. After all, if we get more of other things, problem solved, amiright?

Insects and turtles are, in my view, pushing towards 'being different for the sake of it'.

Maybe I'm showing my age here, but I always thought the TMNT were a great anthropomorphic representation of turtles. They were hardly... Jeff Goldblum in the Fly!

I'm just glad I didn't see any hatin' on the bears in this thread, because I just joined, and I don't want to be the first person laid off in the pawlocaust.

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Moar foxes, less coydogs! :V

but really, I don't care how many of each or what percentage there are of any species, as long as people just choose what they want to be.