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Fursona Stereotypes...


Oh, damn, the first time I saw this thread title I thought it was about the stereotypes of fursonas in general, not the stereotypes of specific species. I'm a little disappointed.

Hmm, well, I've been taking an interest in scalies lately, specifically snake anthros, and have been (only kind of) shocked to find it is DOMINATED by vore and some of the scariest fetish pictures I've seen on FA so far. And also I haven't been able to find many very well designed reptiles or scalie artists, which makes me sad.


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I wonder what stereotypes are associated with
-unique/custom species
-lizards (which seems to be the closest category for my otherwise selfmade species of fursona)

I would think that the first one implies the person usually doesn't accept and comfort to presets, predefined "classes", etc., which I have based off of myself but seems logical enough.


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Mine's mainly maned wolf. XD Only a few of us out there, but often mistaken to be a fox. Which is, as many people said, supposed to be very into yiffing.

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Sadly foxes are associated with yiffing. I'm mentally the animal the fox, not a yiff-obsessed slut. Females especially are given this stereotype.


I am not aware of any skunk-related stereotypes.

Yay for being obscurish.


Otters are generally viewed as playful and social, but river otters are actually somewhat territorial and solitary if I remember right. Much like me, despite the silliness.