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Pixel Artist
My plate is kind of full right now, but if you are going to post to ask help for something like that, and you don't have even a sketched out idea somewhere, then I would suggest you include a lengthy description below that, to give an artist an idea as to what they would be drawing. Say what species it is, any unique traits that might cause some trouble when drawing. It doesn't need to be exhaustive, but be a bit more specific than 'my fursona'.

Also, I apologize in advance if this came across harsh. It's kind of hard to convey tone with text. I was just offering some tips to help you get more artists willing to try.


New Member
Oh im sorry I understand, im new to the furry community I barley know anything yet cause iv been to shy to let anyone know im into it, I'll get started on a outline sketch but it won't be very good.