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I was wondering of someone could draw my fursona for free it would be really nice if you did. Thanks! here's the sona its self

Name: T.j
Age: 20
Species: A bunny fox hybrid
Sexually: bi but mostly straight
Likes: Cuddling, play fighting, snakes, sergels, bunnies foxs and femboys
Dislikes: shit talking, and drama
Turn ons: oral sex, anal sex, licking. biting, random grabbing, dry humping/grinding, bondage, saliva, moans, blushing, and butts
Turn offs: hard biting, having to do a lot off work at some times , piss , blood play, gore, and vomit
Bio,: well I'm from a small town what i would rather not say where that town is so any way, I'm a bunny fox hybrid, I'm really nice at times and i really like talking to people and i love making friends of all kinds i really don't care what you are, anyways my mother died from a fatal disease called R.S.D (look it up) and i never knew my father so i don't know where he is so anyway, i was adopted by a pretty nice family that took good care of me and love me very much we then moved when i was about 12-13 and i have lived here ever since i have moved, i hope you learned about me
Looks: His face is half blue half black the top being blue and the rest of his face being black, his hair is als blue and black like his face, from his elbow down its all blue and up to hos shoulders its black, going down to his chest the middle has a heart shaped fur spot that's blue and the rest of his chest is black, hos tail is half and half some blue on one side and black on the other side, his bunny ears are blue, and down from his kneecap is blue and the rest up from there is black.