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Fursonas and Their Ideal Job


New Member
As a few have said above, my fursona is just a furry version of me.
I badly want to work with animal conservation or zoo keeping. Even though i would prefer to work with invertebrates and exotics i guess being a wolf would let you know mammal behaviours better, thats if you overcome the desire to eat one of them that is...

You can have any job you want, no limiting yourself. Zoo keeping is cool; however good luck taking care of the rabbits.


The Arcane Sage
Food critic! Loves to eat good food! Would enjoy writing about eating!


Inglorious Bastard
Book-Stacking axe murderer.


It's Me Gordon, Barney from Black Mesa
"Camp Counselor" at a permanent and mandatory "Summer camp"


The Sergal that Didn't Vore
I can imagine Cali briefly having a job in a fast food chain and getting sacked for constantly eating the stock.


Wood choppah 9000 ultimate.
Or some sort of samurai, if that could even count as a job.


I live, I die, I live again
Prostitute. Get to be a slut -and- get paid for it!

Or go my IRL boring route of being a student who sometimes does IT contracting work. :V


Future Auto Mechanic
Proly a mechanic and electronic music producer. Maybe with a DJ and drag racing hobby for the weekends. :3


Shepherd of Fire
When I eventually get around to creating a 'sona, It'll likely be a musician. So that, if it wasn't obvious right there.

Mr. Sparta

Scale Face
Probably a lifeguard. Not the one that actually saves people, just the guy who yells at kids for going into the pool during adult swim or the 16+ hot tub.

That or a firefighter. Not even an official one. He'll just beat the actual firemen to the fire in his car and put the blaze out by releasing his liquid stomach contents onto the burning house with what is called "hydropump"


My fursona is a pig. He doesn't have a job.

No seriously, I never thought to give any of the animals in the -verse I made careers; that never even came to mind. They're don't work.


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Let's say your fursona has a job, what job would it have? Would it excel in its field? Explain.

For instance, my 'sona is a vampire bat, and I think it would make a pretty good doctor. We're quick to get around and my patients would never have to worry about blood clots. Lol.

Let's here 'em!
Do you men a Hematologist or a Phlebotomist