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Fursonas that just wouldn't work or you wouldn't want to be


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I thought your right, that... wait. Stupid disgusting people exist. Someone would make it if they liked that fetish.
Rule 36: If it exists, someone, somewhere, has a fetish for it. No exceptions.


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That's silly logic.

A furry can't exist.

And if it could exist, we'd by neccessity be really good at genetic manipulation.

And if we were really good at genetic manipulation then creating a half-fox half-ferret would probably be trivial compared to uplifting a tiger. :3

I know it's daft... And I don't mind most hybrids...

But when people go over the top with it.

Like wolf/lion/fox/bear with the dick of a horse.

I didn't really say that in my first post.

Like at all.


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There isn't really any species besides insects that wouldn't work, for me.


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Part anthropomorphic, part tank?
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I've noticed that there don't seem to be any monkey furries...Guessing for the reason that they're so close to being humans. I don't really MIND monkeys, but I can't say that I would ever really wanna be one, other than this human body which is probably close enough to being a monkey...o.o


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A fat guys remote


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*looks at your avatar*...
eep. *covers mouth*
*shuffles off*

tis' a matter of sarcasm cause foxes... are the ultimate sex in all that IS sex! uh oh... I think it's time for the /foxes/ section of fchan... >=3

edit: nuuu! foxes section is gone... TT_TT


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Wait I got a good one, bowser's fat cow of a daughter wendy koopa

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A fox. I mean honestly, they are...small, have bushy tails...you're only gonna live two years, three if you're lucky... hunted everywhere you go (even ILLEGAL in some countries!). The majority of your diet is comprised of slimy, god-aweful invertebrates... maybe in your two year life you find a mouse to break up the monotony. I just don't know. Sounds like sillyness to me. SILLYNESS I tell you. ;)


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I like cows, too! With mayonnaise, cheese, and between a nice toasted bun! :cool:
Yum! And this is the reason why there are so few cow furries (they last about 5 minutes)

Sea creatures are weird =D
A jellyfish furry?

Generally? A water bear. Only growing to about 1.5 mm would really be irksome, although being able to withstand temperatures from absolute zero to 303 degrees Fahrenheit would be awesome.
And here is one of the definitions of obscure.

I've got a Wolf +Insectoid lineage. You can tell how unique that must be.


I could not be a bug.

or livestock, personally I just could not stand to be any kind of livestock.

actually I could not see myself as being anything other than a wild canine or a cat of some sort.


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Any insect. I'm ok with pretty much with everything else.

I used to know an insect guy. He was a stag beetle, then a mosquito. Curious.

I think anything you can think of would work - it's your personality that brings your fursona to life, not theirs. They don't have one! Because they are fictional.

However, I think that difficulties could ensue if you were a superintelligent shade of the colour blue.