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I've had my fursona before I even knew was the furry fandom was. Ever since I was little, I've always considered myself some kind of canine. I've drawn myself with wolf ears and tails before I knew furry existed, even before I knew anime existed. Well, at first everything was just called a dog. XD Then I discovered wolves, foxes, coyotes, hyenas. So by 3rd/4th grade, I decided I was a wolf, and it's been that way ever since. I never associated a wolf with a certain personality either. (Hey! I'm a loner, I'm a lone wolf! Wolves are brave, and I'm brave! I'm a wolf!)

I can't speak for anyone else's choice to be a wolf though. oO; I don't even know why I consider myself one. It's just something that is for me. XD Does that make any sense?
I was wearing cat ears and tails for fucking YEARS before I even heard the word furry.
and before I heard the word anthro, I was drawing myself as a kitty.
I guess it all depends on lots of things. Some base it on what they like, and some base it on personality traits.
Me, I actually made my character have 2 other morphs, because I really couldn't make up my mind. XD
Grimfang said:
Yeh, I've always thought wolves were cool in their loner, saddish sort of way. I've been so emo over the years, the wolf thing just grew on me. Even without the emo, wolves kick ass. Although, people have told me irl the I have a "lion's mane of love", lol, I prefer to stick with the wolf.

was I miss-educated somewhere along the way?
I though wolves were pack animals :p
silvertwilight said:
Grimfang said:
Yeh, I've always thought wolves were cool in their loner, saddish sort of way. I've been so emo over the years, the wolf thing just grew on me. Even without the emo, wolves kick ass. Although, people have told me irl the I have a "lion's mane of love", lol, I prefer to stick with the wolf.

was I miss-educated somewhere along the way?
I though wolves were pack animals :p

Yeah...o_O; I never really understood the whole lone wolf thing...since a majority of them are social creatures. Lone Wolves are only wolves that left their pack to make a new pack.

Loners always made me think of Leopards and other big cats.


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I came up with my fursona a long while before I even heard the word 'furry'

back then I was rather obsessed with dragons and a newbie at roleplaying (6th grade), and I honestly didn't believe that that character would evolve into what he is today.


<3 i esploded


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i know mine(a liger) cause that's my spirit guardian and every one say's i act like one too with sneaking up on people and pounceing on them.


oh no....OH NO! D:
Before I learned about the fandom I've always thought of myself as a dolphin because I was able to have a close encounter with one when I went to Hawaii. Then I stumbled upon an art gallery in SF that featured marine wildlife paintings by Wyland. His art just blew me away and still does.

But somehow I was drawn to "Balto" XD because I relate to his character since we're both mixes and sort of struggle with our identity. Then my brother finally got a Siberian husky puppay and I bonded with him and saw how my personality is sort of like that of a husky. I soon became more fascinated with wolves (because.....they look similar to huskies and I see them as very majestic and beautiful animals:p ) and knew I shared some qualities with wolves as well. ^^

So I kinda get my inspiration based on past experiences with certain animals and how I relate to them. :3


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well like most people i got mine far before i heard the term furry.

For me i've been called wolf for a long time, first got the name because i used to "wolf" down my food. What helped solidify the nick name was when i used to go play paint ball, someone said my taticts resembled a wolf pack attacking prey. Even though i have never seen a pack attack anything. That and i show similar traits to that of a wolves habits.

But the thing that made it stick was in one of the biggest fights i got into. Witch i wont go into cuz its really graphic

so it just feels right to me


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Familiarity and all the lore we attach to many other animals more than likely.


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umm i am fairly new.. but mine (which seems very unpopular) =( is a mouse.. and it rightly fits more personality(shy quite nervous)...
If a fursona is the animalistic side of a person, then my friends say lion/dog/or goat

If it is a character from which the creator perceives them self, then I'm a Catterfly catgirl with retractable wings and the ability to transform into certain things.

If it is more of a spiritual subject, then I am a bat.

Which is partly why my character can shapeshift. :D


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Again, I was into hyaenas way before I found furrydom. In myth and folklore, as well as in mainstream culture, they're pretty unloved, and so was I - long story, parental abuse, etc. They're also bossy, matriarchal and fugly, so in reality, quite like me!:lol:


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I choose a hyena long before I entered into the furry fray. Bloody Roar 3 is what actually got me considering what I would be if I could shape shift into some anthromorphic animal. After learning a bit of more of the actual animal, I decided that's what had fit best.


I choise a fox
dispite my fursona is close and sepperate (rp and my self).
I think I can blame Jakkal and turnursky for that ;)


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My fursona is a simple black/white housecat simply because I'm obsessed with cats...

Ceceil Felias

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The only reason I fall under the big cat/dragon thing is because my character ended up changed by others to such out of their personal preference. I just tweaked things as they came in to make the most sensible result. :p


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I chose a damselfly for a couple reasons. I find them to be absolutely beautiful animals and I have a strong affinity for all insectkind. Few people share my sentiment, but that has yet to discourage me.

I think there are many reasons for a particular choice. I'm sure some choose a particular animal just because it turns them on, while others have a more personal/spiritual reason.
I think its just purley to do with popularity of that creature. Most non furs love dragons cats dogs and other cool and or cute cuddle creatures. So if the vast majority of non furrs and fans of these animals, wouldn't it only make seance for there to be a larger number of people within the fandom who have grown up loving the house pet, or the majestic beasts they read about.

Alysa Nightfire

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I don't know why so many people chose those fursonas.

I don't feel I picked what I am.
It sort of developed over time. I was very shy and picked on greatly as a child and a teen and withdrew in to daydreams that settled on my being a humanoid pegasus. I'd day dream of a whole culture and community down to the patterns on their fur and the shades of mane and tail of each being in my daydream world. When I learned of furries and explored the idea cautiously in SL I knew exactly what I was/wanted to be and the moment I had enough lindens I was and I haven't changed since.


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im a german shepherd / half wolf and lycan i want to stand out from the normal fursonas
A gray squirrel. Figured it matched my personality the best and I find them fascinating.


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i'm a whale because i have a craving for fish.

more specifically, i'm a fireorca because i love fish, love the desert, and find fire fasinating (but i'm responsible with the fire)