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Fursuit comissions yay! and other arts! [OPEN!]

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[copied direct from my journal]

Alright my friends and watchers and whomever else may read: here this!

[copied direct from my Commision info page]

Sketches: $5 Example
Inked: $10 Example NSFW
Digital: $20 Example
Watercolour: $25 Example
Character mask: $100 Example
Tail: $30 Example

Character masks available at approx $100 per, prices negotiable.
Character tail available, prices vary depending on materials. $30 base price, negotiable.
For Digital/Ink/Sketch Request/trade preffered, prices negotiable if commison is desired.

I'm more interested in doing the fursuit type things, but I'll do the arts if ya want me too ^.=.^ (and not for the cost, I just have more fun with it) I could do a full suit if you want it, but due to inexperience with that, I've kept it off the list. Same with hand- and foot-paws. But I'm willing to try! Note me and we'll talk ^.=.^

Max 3 masks at this time, 5 of the rest.


*many hugses*

Please note: please send me a Note or a PM if you want one of these done for you.
Not open for further replies.