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fursuit commission AUCTION!!!


Blue Bouncy Lynx :3
Hey everyone, I'm going to change my commissions a bit. In order for me to start doing regular fursuit commissions I need to have some suits out and about so people can experiencemy work.

So here's the deal, ill be taking a small amount of suit commissions on, anything from full suits to partials and other small suit parts. The way I'm going to do them is, as the customer you would pay for he materials of the suit and I will build it for you. This way I cam get my work out to people who either cannot afford a 1500$ suit, or need a suit by as early AS THE END OF AUGUST

I'm only taking a limited number of these and I offer lifetime service e on all of my suits.

If you're interested please message me or email me at contrabobevans@gmail.com
For more information, please send along your ref sheet or any pictures of your character you have, the quote will contain the prices of all materials .

Dread Husky

Just another nobody...
Just an idea but you might want to post some examples of your previous works (if you have any) so people know what style they can expect. c:


Blue Bouncy Lynx :3
I would but unfortunately my file server lost 3 hardrives due to a power supply failure, so I lost all my previous works photos and all the suits I have made are with their owners who I can't get into contact with ._.

I will say however they are toony or realistic based on what the customer wants, all the other suits I have done were for close friends of mine so this is the first time I'm opening them to the public, and I hope by doing this that I can get my name out there more so I can get some regular commissions :3