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Time Lord trainee
Attention #fursuitdancers ! I am looking for fursuit dancers near Toronto Ontario and those who attend Furnal Equinox to bring awareness and support for victims of shootings in the United States of America. I want to make more music videos to support this good cause. I have found a song for everyone to audition to.

Please give credit to the music artist. To enter, simply make a fursuit video of you dancing indoors, or outdoors to the song provided in this thread. A prize will be given out at Furnal Equinox if you can attend, if you can't I'll hire Majira Strawberry to Cameo a video for your youtube channel or something. The "in person" prize will be a box of British chocolate bars. (Only one prize to the best fursuit dancer will be given) More music videos or skits will be made with the 1st 2nd and 3rd best dancers at Furnal Equinox if things work out well.
Oh yeah I almost forgot. Video link entries must be sent here to enter and it must be done by 11:59pm Eastern Standard Time March 15th 2019.
The in person prize:
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