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Fursuit Dancers


Fursuit dancing videos are usually fun to watch. They make me want to get a suit of my own just so I can compete at fursuit dance competitions. Seeing plain clothes folks dance is already cool but seeing those moves performed in a cute and fuzzy animal suit makes it so much cooler. Unfortunately I am clueless when it comes to dance, as I don't know what most of the moves are called or how best to practice them. It seems as if the most popular style to perform is hip-hop dancing, in the vein of stuff that would be shown in the Step Up movies, but, again, I'm clueless.

What do you think of fursuit dance vids and competitions? Can anyone learn to dance most of what is performed, and if so where would they look to practice on their own?


800 Salted Almonds
Watching those video's has made me want to learn how to dance. I really like that they are so open for people who want to dance but are too nervous to for fear of reticule or judgment.


The Mercenary
Entering that dance competition, will be the first thing I do when I go to a con :3