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Fursuit fillings


New Member
Has anyone tried using any other material besides a foam? Was looking at some of the plush suits and trying to think of airflow weight (that always elusive ratio) and thought about beanbag beans.
Was just wondering if anyone else has given anything a try.


aka Cutter Cat
You can use the stuff that they use to fill plushies, but you have to compartmentalize it to keep it from shifting around. I'm assuming you are talking about the body and not the head. The thing is that stuffings make washing extremely difficult. If you are talking about the head, I suppose you could use some sort of plushie type filling, but it would be hard to keep it shaped properly. I built my fursuit head on a kickboxing headgear. I just wipe the inside of it out with a soapy cloth and I'm done. Cleaning is spot cleaning only on the outside. You don't want to use bean bags or anything that could possibly go rancid or "bad" with sweat. You also have the problem with the weight. I have a heavy fursuit. It weighs 17 pounds, not counting the head. If you add bean bags to that, it makes it a real task just to wear it around.


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Sorry for the suit yes. I had thought about making lycra pillows for the beans so everything could be washed and beans could be replaced if needed.
Just been trying to think of ways of making colder suits since over heating is such a problem. *shrug*
I have other thoughts but I haven't seen anyone mention filling types. ^_^