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Fursuit/Fursona Questions


New Member
Hello! I am a new/young fur! I watch a lot of fursuiting youtubers, particularly Pocari Roo. So I have a few questions regarding fursuiting and my fursona.

1) My fursona has poofy/large hair like myself. Is that possible on a fursuit?

2) What age should I get a fursuit?

3) On average, how much does a suit cost?

4) Does my fursona need clothes? If not how would I draw her without.

Thank you!


New Member
1) several suits have hair, it tends to be made ether sowing a wig on the head or shaping long pile fur into a hairdo.

2) I’d say wait till the early 20s till you get a full suit, so that your body type have settled a bit and you won’t quickly grow out of it. If you can afford it, you might want to get a head or some other bits before then.

4) That’s up to you. If your fursona does have clothes that will definitely save you money on a full bodysuit. You can draw your character however you want :)

Xavier Fox

Active Member
1) adding hair to a fursuit is not a problem.

2) It's completely up to you, but they are expensive so logically when you stop growing is good. Although a Partial that's just head/hands/feet/tail would be OK before that as those bits of you won;t grow that much if you are already nearly fuly grown.

3) It depends on the suit and quality. Have a look on a suit makers website and they'll give a breakdown. A full suit over a partial, adding digigrade legs or other features will increase the cost.

4) Not it does not, my fursona does not have clothes at all. Although that did mean my fur suit was more expensive as it's a full body suit. It'll also be warmer like that as more of you is covered by fur.