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Hi I'm wondering about fursuits?
I'm considering commissioning one, and I'm about to explain exactly what I want. Please read it, and comment what prices I would have to pay you to get each part of what I want.

Character: https://www.deviantart.com/friesbro/art/I-Have-A-Pistol-Party-And-I-Kill-Them-All-Ref-696596445
I would like to have a suit of Linden, the character up there. Keep in mind I will provide better examples should I ask for your services.
Since the character is humanoid, and also wears clothes, the most I'm concerned about is the head.
He has short, very dark grey fur. He also has freckles. He has no nose, but his face isn't flat, and has a very short and rounded out muzzle. He has white/light grey freckles, including his eliptical eyebrows. His ears can be medium or long, but are flat and wide, and poke through the hair.
The most difficult parts would likely be the hair, the mushrooms on his head, and possibly his eyes. I don't know how eyes are made for the heads, but the sclerae are dark green, and the irises (without pupils) are light green. The hair is bleach blond, slightly wavey (if possible?) goes down to the top of his neck, and he has long-ish bangs that swipe to the sides.

As mentioned, the head is what I'm most worried about because that is all that will really show.

I would also like something similar to a kigurumi, or perhaps just a regular onesie, for the body- due to it being humanoid. It's just dark grey, with the green scars shown above (will provide a better idea of scar placement).

If you can do either or both of these things, please comment prices, and examples if you have them.
To sum up, I would like a detailed, legitimate fursuit head, but the body is just a onesie with attached (or separate) hands and feet.

You MAY provide information for anything off-website and suggest fursuiters that are not you. Anything is helpful! Thank you!